The Future Of Smart Bike


Bike-Ownership protocol

Leveraging ERC721, Bike owners can prove their ownership and securely govern their bike via smart contracts.

Data privacy

With our Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, your data are end-to-end encrypted and distributed across BikeCoin network. Only you have access and share your data and files.

Seamless premium bike-sharing

BikeCoin allowing users to rent out their private vehicles using blockchain, directly through the phone without any manual involvement.

Bike registration system

Security, Connectivity & Auditability

Bike owners can prove their ownership and report the bike stolen through the blockchain. A smart computer or smart lock on the bike will register the position of the bike on the blockchain when they are locked. When a bike is stolen, the police is able to see the latest location to respond instantly. Insurance companies can automate their claim handling processing through a smart contract running on the blockchain.


Frictionless Bike Fleet and Sharing Service

Confidentiality, Transparency & Automaticality

BikeCoin network allows bicycle suppliers, fleet operators and service providers freely collaborate to launch bicycle fleet and sharing service. BikeCoin protocol smoothly automates payment process, transparent collaboration among stakeholders. Moreover, riders and merchants freely share and exchange their data with maximum privacy by our robust Zero-Knowledge Proof algorithms


technology used


token sale details

All unsold tokens from the sale will be burned.
The BikeCoin team’s tokens have a lockup period over 2 years.

  • Hard Cap

    USD 20 million
  • Token Name

  • Date

  • Accepted currencies

    ETH only
  • Soft Cap

    USD 5 million
  • Token Symbol

  • BKC to USD rate

    1 BKC = USD 0.05
  • Total Supply

    Total supply: 800,000,000
    ICO issue: 400,000,000

Fund Raising Target & Distribution

Up to 79% giving to our crypto commmunity



Q4-2017 to Q1-2018: Concept Design

  • Idea conception and development
  • Assemble team
  • Proof of concept Development
  • Release Business & technical white papers

Q2-2018: Crypto Demo

  • Bike peer-to-peer sharing demo live
  • Bike Ownership protocol (ERC721) live
  • Private Sale Launch

Q3-2018: Crypto Products

  • Launch BikeCoin test-net
  • BikeCoin wallet app
  • Release BikeCoin crypto firmware for smart computers or smart locks

Q4-2018: Token Sale

  • Development of Token Sale smart contracts
  • Launch Token Sale
  • BikeCoin crypto App 3.0 for smart bikes

Q1-2019: Bike Fleet Service

  • Launch BikeCoin main-net with Proof Of Stake Consensus
  • Release fleet management dashboard for service operators, network operators.
  • Launch Bike Registration DApps
  • Launch Pilot Scheme with Volata Cycles to support fleet services

Q2-2019: Opening ecosystem

  • Launch peer-to-peer rental DApps.
  • Release Credit Rating model
  • APIs for third-party apps and IoT devices

Q3-2019: Advanced ecosystem

  • Release built-in smart locks/ smart computer
  • Develop other mobility services such as car-sharing, scooter-sharing

Q4-2019: Advanced ecosystem

  • Cross-chain transfer data with Ethereum, TomoChain, EOS, Zilliqa, ESO
  • Adopt and research sharding and plasma solution

2020: Advanced Ecosystem

  • Collaborate with other IoT chains, Carchain
  • Cross-chain transfer and integrate with NEO, Zilliqa, ESO...

bikecoin Team

The team is made up of 20 diverse individuals with a variety of backgrounds from blockchain, IoT and design who have a shared desire to be a part of the revolution of the bicycle. All based in US, Milan and Singapore



Fabrizio Martini

Co-Founder, President & Chairman

Martini is innovator, investor, serial entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable transportation. Over his career he has covered the positions of Director of R&D as well as Principal Investigator and Program Manager of several U.S. government funded and successfully completed programs for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and NASA managing over $10M. He has contributed to the accomplishment of six world records related to energy storage technology, and was in charge of the commercialization of the first-of-its kind high temperature ultracapacitor for oil and gas and geothermal applications. Martini is a strong believer in bicycles to be the most advanced and efficient mean of transportation. He is author of 17 patents, including 3 from Volata Cycles.


Mattia DeSantis

Co-Founder & CTO

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De Santis is a master in bicycle technologies who has developed over 20 bicycles models from scratch over his career. He has brought all of his experience and knowledge to develop the premium smart bicycles that all cyclists are dreaming of - the Volata Model 1 and Model 1c. He has over 10 years experience in design and manufacturing of consumer products, FEM and CFD analysis, prototyping of mechanical systems and CNC machines programming. He is fascinated with innovative and conventional manufacturing process and a talented problem solver.


Eric Bui

Co-Founder & Blockchain Architect

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Eric is the founder of BioLink and technical advisor to the SWITCH 2016 winner -  AEvice Health, a Singapore-based biomedical start-up. He has managed several blockchain projects under different roles ranging from management to consulting. Together with Electrify.Asia, he has lead the blockchain project and help the team secure a successful ICO raising worth of $30M. As one of the pioneer and founder of Vietnam Blockchain Developer community, his contributions has laid out the very first bricks of the Vietnam Blockchain Industry.


William Claxton

Operational Director

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Bill Claxton is a seasoned technology entrepreneur. He holds a certificate in BlockChain For Technical Executives and Analysts from B9Lab Academy in the UK and has spoken at various blockchain events. Bill has been active in the IT scene in Singapore for more than 20 years, was an early Bitcoin investor and most recently served as Operations Director of fintech startup KYC Chain. As an early Bitcoin investor, in the past few years, he has been investigating and investing in opportunities to build decentralised web applications using blockchain technology.


Tony Nguyen

Blockchain Lead

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Tony Tuan Nguyen has 10 years experience in IT industry with various positions, including web developer, mobile developer, software architect, technical advisor, CTO and CEO. With his passion for cutting-edge technology, he masters in web application, mobile application, clouds computing and now blockchain. With his deep knowledge of healthcare industry and his experience in solutions development like ERP, CRM, Tony is consistently recognized as a trusted leading advisor for his vision, passion and commitment to his customer's missions.


Winnie Nguyen

Marketing Manager

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Winnie has over 7 years of experience in multiple marketing facets, specialising in the hospitality and service industry in Asia. Originally from Vietnam, she moved to Australia after working as a Marketing Manager for major hospitality brands in Indochina. Being a challenge seeker who embraces the growth mindset, Winnie has accepted the challenge to help BikeCoin disrupt the bike-sharing economy. She has a great interest and understanding about technology and the innovation behind it. Winnie is also a casual content writer about blockchain technology and how business embraces it, sharing her passion with the community.



Business Development

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Mr. Bian had over 10 years working experience in technical, sales and business development roles from MNCs to Startups. He has experience in working with different teams and companies globally, and successfully achieved 700% YoY Growth (FY2015) for Greater China region in Meridian Bioscience. In addition, he is a self-motivated serial entrepreneur. He is partner to a visual studio business in Singapore, and also holds a managing director role in a private equity firm in China. Mr. Bian was graduated from National University of Singapore with B.Sc(Hons) and M.Sc Degree in Biochemistry.




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Team based in America, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia. The team is made up of 12 diverse individuals with a variety of backgrounds from eCommerce, Technology, Bike Industry. Previous working experience:


Advisor team


Prof Ng Wee Keong

Technical Advisor

Blockchain Researcher

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Dr. William K. NG works in the areas of machine learning, privacy-preserving techniques, query-permissible encrypted databases, blockchain systems, and data security. He contributes to companies and industries as technology consultant on projects involving data analytics, artificial intelligence, data privacy and security, and blockchain In recent years, he was General Chair of the 18th International Conference on Information and Communications Security (2016), Senior Program Committee Member of the 22nd to 17th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, General Chair of International Symposium on Cyber Security (CyberSec2013).


Katie Noble

Product Manage Advisor

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Katie has worked for Tesla Motors for over 8 years covering position from System Engineer to Product Engineer. She has a deep experience in Automotive, Consumer Test & Measurement as well as the Aerospace & Defense industry. Some of her specialties are: system integration and validation, management, team building, project management, embedded systems hardware design, customer relations, customer support, organization, basic internal website maintenance, embedded systems high-level design and support, electronics troubleshooting, embedded systems troubleshooting.


Luis Morais

Supply Chain Advisor

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Luis Morais is an supply chain expert with an extensive international track record. He is currently a CEO and Founder of LM-Supply. Prior to that, he has worked for multinational companies such as Kraft Heinz, Thai Union Group (France) in several roles such as Director of Finance, supply chain, procurement, consultancy and technology, leading numerous multimillion euro projects with successful outcomes


Sherwin Lee

Singapore Legal Advisor

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Sherwin is a partner of TLB law firm in Singapore and holds a Masters in Law (Distinction) in International Banking and Finance from The University College London in 2008. Sherwin currently focuses on advising companies within the financial and emerging technologies space and particularly on the application of distributed ledger technologies (DLT), token generating events / ICOs / ITOs as well as set up and design of blockchain ecosystem players.

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